The manipulators are a special equipment with the lifting device, which actually is a manipulator. They are designed primarily for loading and unloading, but can also be used in road construction works, agriculture and utilities. Manipulators are indispensable for the provision of complex services – handling + shipping.

Price manipulators

ManipulatorsCost of 1 hour of workThe cost of the flight
capacity arrows to 3T
load capacity of bodies up to 5T
length of body 5 m
5448 Tg43680 Tg
capacity arrows to 4.5 t
load capacity of bodies from 8 to 10t
length of body 7-8 m
6960 Tg55200 Tg
capacity arrows to 5.5-6 t
load capacity of bodies up to 15 t
body length of 6.6 -8m
7584 Tg60480 Tg
Manipulator the Rover g/p body - 15 tons
g/p boom - 7 m
body length - 5 m.
boom length - 9 m.
8544 Tg68160 Tg
capacity arrows to 8-12T
load capacity of bodies up to 15 t
the length of the body of 8.5 - 9 m
10560 Tg81600 Tg