Transportation from India

Shipments from the ports of Chennai, Mundra, Mumbai, Kochin from 50 kg to 40 tons, from a few boxes to a full container. Delivery throughout Kazakhstan. The term of delivery air for 3 days and the container to 40 days.

TransLine offers transportation of Your cargo from India to Kazakhstan. Performing international shipments from India, TransLine also offers a complete package of related services such as escrow, insurance, transshipment and customs clearance of Your imported Indian products.

Import from India to Kazakhstan is a growing international shipping from India to Kazakhstan as teams, and General cargo each year continues to increase in volume. And the company TransLine will be successfully delivered to Kazakhstan a variety of goods from India. India's economy, including foreign trade with other countries, is developing rapidly. And the volume of cargo transportation in India is in fifth place in the world. For itself, India, Kazakhstan is not an important foreign trade partner. Kazakhstan delivered from India of such items as Indian tea, medicines, chemicals and reagents, food products, textiles, electrical equipment and many others. The trade turnover between Kazakhstan and India continues to grow even despite the negative impact of the global economic crisis. As a result, delivery of cargo from India to Kazakhstan are also growing.

Features of shipping goods from India

Delivery of cargoes from India, is mainly carried out by sea transport. In special cases, very popular way of delivery are air. Goods from India can also be delivered and ground transportation, but the difficulty of passing a large number of boundaries and necessary paperwork on all parts of the route can significantly increase Your cargo in transit. Despite the fact that Kazakhstan and India are located on the same continent, shipping of cargo from India to Kazakhstan is a long and difficult process. Delivered from India, the goods have to cross land and sea border more than one state. Thus, nequalimitirovanie execution of transportation or the slightest ignorance in the process of its implementation may adversely affect the speed of delivery of goods from India, and sometimes even on the condition of the goods. In addition, during transport of great importance can have the efficiency of the implementation of customs clearance of goods from India. Company TransLine has a highly skilled staff of experts in insurance, logistics of goods from India to Kazakhstan, the company has attracted customs brokers that, overall, ensures our customers the timely delivery and complete safety of their goods. The presence of partners and representatives in India gives us additional opportunities and benefits.

If the cargo volume is large and there is no need for urgency of delivery, from India, was the most appropriate means of transport can be container shipping. Containerised cargoes from India are usually sent from the cargo port of Mumbai (also we can arrange container shipment from other cargo ports of India). However, container sea freight from India slow and require one to one and a half months from time of loading until the transfer of the goods to the consignee.

Approximate prices for container transportation from India to Kazakhstan:

Chennai - Almaty 40' - 4500 have.e. transit time 40-50 days

Kochin - Almaty 40' - 5000.e. transit time 45-55 days

Mumbai - Almaty 40' - 5400 from.e. transit time 45-55 days

Bandar Abbas - Almaty 40' - 5000у.e. tranzitnyh time 50-55 days

Delivery of cargoes from India

If the goods are sent from India to Kazakhstan in small volumes, then the best way is to transportirovka in the composition of cargoes. Delivery of cargoes from India is the standard scheme. First consolidated cargoes from India are going in warehouses in India. Then it is transported to the territory of Kazakhstan. Specialists of the company TransLine well-versed in the specifics of the transportation of cargoes from India and know all the nuances of this process. All movements of cargo on the route is constantly monitored and this has a positive effect on safety of the goods and, in General, the quality of transport services.

Price from 150$ per 1 m3

Delivery time from 20 to 40 days

Customs clearance in Kazakhstan from$700

Customs clearance in India from$300


Transportation in Kazakhstan 100 tenge for 1 kg

Insurance 1% of value of goods



Transportation from India by air transport

The fastest method of delivery is air freight from India. Shipping from India the aircraft is carried out by our company from major Indian airports: Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Chennai.

The cost of delivery of cargo from India by air is determined on the basis of grade, size and weight. All customs fees and the cost of paperwork typically included in the total cost. Delivery of goods to one of the airports in India may be different types of transport, and it can also affect the overall cost of transportation. Air delivery from India relatively expensive, but is justified in the case of urgent need.

Approximate prices for air transportation from India to Kazakhstan:

New Delhi - Almaty - from 3.5$ per kg

Delivery time from 3 to 5 days

Customs clearance in Kazakhstan from$700

Customs clearance in India from$300

Air delivery to Russia from 300 tenge per 1 kg

Insurance 1% of value of goods