Transportation of medicines

For the carriage of medicines, including the very demanding conditions of transportation immunobiological tools and vaccines, we use only the refrigerator is equipped with temperature recorder, strictly adhering to the cold chain. In our portfolio, the implementation of such a mode of transport for the Ministry of health.

Transportation of drugs is a specific kind of activity in the freight market, the implementation of which you can only trust a proven companies, which showed in the carriage of medicines professionalism. Pharmaceutical companies, fearing the risks and penalties, transportation of medicines, prefer only trusted carriers, based on positive feedback, transmitted, typically, communicative way.

The professionalism of our company is highly appreciated by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, for which our specialists have developed and implemented projects for the transportation of medical preparations in remote and difficult regions, for example to the North of the Krasnoyarsk territory. And, in some cases, to the tundra and the far North were brought not simple medicines "For General use" and drugs from the group of vital and essential drugs (EDL) that are subject to government price quotas that restricted the possible costs for transportation.

For the correct transportation of the drugs, requires a clear adherence to "cold chain" is a special system for the movement of goods of medical purpose, which under force not to each company. Company TransLine, a member of the group of companies "Logistik", can provide the same service in Kazakhstan at the highest level. Thanks to modern approaches, our company can produce the transportation of drugs any species without compromising quality, even in terms of the hard quota prices for vital and essential drugs. So, in the flight shall be issued only fully operational vehicles and for the carriage of goods in the framework of the "cold chain" – reliable refrigerated trucks operated by experienced drivers.

>The route of the project:
Moscow - Krasnoyarsk Krai (see map)
Name of goods:Medicines (essential drugs)
The total tonnage:233 157 kg
Volume:1066 m2
The total number of recipients:108
Mode of transport:auto, air, river, railway, ATVs
Type of transportation:multimodal
Special conditions of carriage:Strict temperature regime with the observance of the cold chain of the First, Second and Third levels. Storage and distribution with pharmaceutical warehouses. Delivery to the door. The refrigerated transportation.
Period of work:22 days
Estimate calculation:2 985 000 rubles

The transportation of medicine

When transporting drugs, including the highly demanding conditions of transportation immunobiological tools and vaccines, we use only the refrigerator is equipped with temperature recorder, strictly adhering to the cold chain.

Specialists of the Kazakhstan branch of the group of companies "Logistik" well prepared, confident, own the most modern tools to develop the optimal route of transportation of drugs. Developing a transportation project, our employees use advanced information technology to determine the least-loaded slopes and areas with the best weather conditions.

All this makes it possible, in strict compliance with the requirements of "cold chain" is precisely to maintain time schedule for delivery of drugs in any destination that guarantees fast transportation of vaccines and other medicines, including EDL, to the medical warehouses and terminals. However, we guarantee that the drugs will be delivered without any deterioration of their therapeutic qualities.

Transport of drugs across the border

The Republic of Kazakhstan is a promising market for medicines, but only with the support of the group of companies "Logistik" these prospects will turn to real dividends for farmacevticheskogo business. We offer the best conditions for the carriage of medicines of various kinds. The main advantage of using our company is that our vehicles are carrying drugs, the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan is crossed without the slightest difficulty.

Employees of group of companies "Logistik" involved in the customs cargo support, knowledge of customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Customs Union (CU), in which Kazakhstan is on an equal footing with Russia and Belarus.

Knowledge of the requirements of the law and customs of the technologies developed in the vehicle is the guarantee that the medicines will proceed through the border crossing without delay. Thus, the organization of us international transportation of medicines , your business will not lose a single minute, which is especially important when the delivery of medicines from the group of EDL in the framework of the already mentioned above "cold chain". Ultimately, drugs will help those who need them, and you will receive his fair profit.

For a highly competitive pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Kazakhstan the proposals of the group of companies "Logistik" and the fact that we are not limited to development of supply chains only on the import of medical goods. Our specialists can solve the problem. That is, the drugs will not only delivered to the checkpoint and cleared in the shortest possible time, but also transported through the territory of Kazakhstan to the destination.

It does not matter, in what specific region of the country you want to transport the cargo. In the "cold chain" we deliver drugs to the warehouses of the third level – the pharmacy, hospital (city and district) and others. The group of companies "Logistik" offers the best prices for services of transport of drugs across the border of Kazakhstan and on the movement of your cargo through its territory. When you contact us, the pharmaceutical business of any size receives only benefits.

If necessary, delivery of medical products of different types in the Republic of Kazakhstan, please contact the group of companies "Logistik". We can offer You the most favorable conditions for organization of transportation of drugs.