Transportation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is an important transportation node connecting path in the Middle East to China. Realizing this, our company has already signed several agreements with warehouses and carriers of Afghanistan. Trusting the ground transportation of goods to Afghanistan our company, you will minimize your risks, and the time of cargo delivery and its customs clearance will take place in the shortest possible time.

Due to its geographical position Afghanistan is an important transportation node connecting path in the Middle East to China and beyond.

Currently aktiviziruyutsya efforts to create a TRANS-Afghan transport corridor (TATC), which is associated primarily with large-capacity transit and the role it can play in the development of economic relations in Central Asia.

TransLine optimistic about the huge market of Afghanistan, and taking into account the workload of ports and additional time for handling (with an annual increase of services by 10% -12%), carriage of goods by land vehicles through the territory of Central Asia predstavlyaetsya very profitable.

In addition, the use and export of the rich natural resources of Afghanistan, require the creation of a transport network, infrastructure and effective transport corridors.

According to most experts, the entry of Afghanistan into the international transport system will expand opportunities for the development of mineral resources. Thanks to the wide transit opportunities in Afghanistan through the TATK can be transported the major part of goods from Central Asia exported to the southern ports.

TransLine, with the assistance of the Partnership on transport and logistics in Central Asia, builds partnerships with major businesses and organizations of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan for the development of effective logistics for using the international corridors TATK.