Transportation in Tajikistan

Because of Kazakh-Tajik economic and trade relations are rapidly developing, our company has already produced a number of logistics developments. The developed scheme of transportation to Tajikistan from Kazakhstan, we allow our clients to reduce logistics costs and reduce financial risks to a minimum.

Currently, relatively successfully and dynamically developing Kazakh-Tajik economic and trade relations. Kazakh investment companies and funds have received official support from the Tajik Government and are ready to invest in joint transport and logistics projects and infrastructure. In Central Asia the company TransLine together with the Tajik transportation and logistics companies and Associations, is implementing a project to create a "one stop clearing house". The establishment of a Central Asian common information of the operator of transportation would allow:

Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are at the crossroads of key transportation corridors of Eurasia , removing restrictions on border crossings, reducing the time of delivery and costs in transit are for road transport, will create favorable conditions for regional trade development and higher transit potential of the Central Asian countries.