Cross docking

Cross-docking – extremely fast acceptance of goods with heavy trucks and their overload in the machine is a small capacity without placing in the warehouse

With the exception of the stage of placement of goods in warehouses long-term storage, this allows not only to optimize the delivery of products to end users, but also greatly reduce logistics costs (own or rent warehouse space, salary payment of staff and other associated costs). Cross-docking may involve reloading of goods from one mode of transport to another without its division into separate parties, and repackaging containers with a concomitant change in their commodity content.

Cross-docking from the company TransLine is the ideal solution for retail chain operators, wholesalers and other companies that require quick distribution of large quantities of products for delivery to end consumers.

As a rule, loading-unloading takes only a few hours, which, among other things, make the service cross-docking, optimal solution for the delivery of perishable products or products requiring special temperature or other conditions of storage.

Storage terminals company TransLine can be called perfect cross-docking platforms. Our warehouse, located in Almaty, working around the clock to guarantee our customers maximum possible efficiency of cargo handling. Storage terminals TransLine with dedicated platforms for cross-docking have high capacity, equipped with all necessary loading and unloading equipment, merkurforum and a large stock masloobraznaya and packaging materials (pallets, staplers, stretch film, etc.).

Scheme of work

Кросс докинг


  1. unloaded -> PRiemca -> picking -> shipping,
  2. unloaded -> acceptance -> marking -> repacking -> picking -> shipping.

Prices for storage services.

Vast experience in logistics, modern material and technical base and developed a staff of specialists allow the company TransLine to ensure that your customers not only efficient operation, but flexible enough to adapt to the specific needs of the client depending on the specifics of cargo and other parameters.

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