Transportation road equipment

The most effective and reliable way of transportation of road equipment to the place of work – is its transportation with the use of low loader lorries. The RV, trailers and trawls TransLine will carry out cargo transportation by road of large equipment throughout the territory of Kazakhstan, quickly and safely.

We undertake all the associated activities of loading and unloading, registration of accompanying documents and customs declarations (if necessary transport abroad), the development of transport route, cargo insurance. We guarantee the safety of the cargo and its delivery to the destination on time.

Full complex of services in transportation of road equipment includes:

TransLine carries out a cargo transportation the following road vehicles:

Transportation features road equipment

For the transport of road vehicles use special low loaders heavy payloads (up to 120 tons) and different sizes (depending on the type and characteristics of the transported equipment). During the route creation and selection of equipment for transportation takes into account the following parameters:

If the transportation of road vehicles is carried out in the city, equally important is the height of the platform, as the route may pass through tunnels, under bridges, in locations with limited available space. Therefore, as well as to facilitate percentessa loading and unloading techniques are used, loading platforms and semitrailers with loading height not more than 600 mm, and in some cases 300 mm.

For hauling oversized cargo large mass used powerful multi-axis tractors and low-bed semitrailers with carrying capacity from 30 to 120 tons. In each case, capacity is chosen individually based on the type of the transported equipment, traffic route and the road-surface.

An important factor in the transport of road equipment are the dimensions of the cargo platform. In Kazakhstan, the overall width is limited to 2.5 meters wide, and therefore for the transportation of certain types of equipment requires the use of dilators, which allows to increase the working size of the loading platform up to 3.2 meters is this size enough to transport heavy tracked vehicles.

The length of the platforms, low-beds ranges from 8 to 27 meters, allowing them to be used to transport virtually any lengthy road equipment.

The angle of departure is an important parameter in transportation vehicles, especially in urban environments. For the transport of asphalt pavers and rollers are used trawls with the angle to 9 degrees, and for tracked vehicles up to 18. Providing small angles of entrance is provided with folding hydraulic ramps, therefore all semi-trailers TransLine is equipped with hydraulics.