Transport of vessels

Large oversized containers are used in many areas of the economy, starting with heavy and ending the food industry. As depending on the destination container have different volumes, mass and dimensions, and the choice of technology to transport them is the task of individual and creative. Especially if the transport capacity is carried out along with its contents.

The type of tank is determined by the nature of bulk cargo, and therefore each individual order requires a cargo of special equipment. So for tanks with flammable or explosive liquids, oil products, corrosive chemical solutions the main task of the transport company – to ensure the fire safety of the consignment during transportation and to avoid leakage of fluids.

In the case of transport of food goods in tanks and various containers usually requires the use of additional HVAC equipment to maintain the required temperature and humidity conditions. This greatly complicates the task, but not for specialists TransLine. Through the use of modern special equipment and application of new methods of cargo safety in transit, we are able to transport food liquid bulk cargo in tanks and vessels of any size in the territory of Kazakhstan and beyond.

We guarantee strict compliance with the terms and conditions of delivery, safety and security of cargo, as well as individual approach to each client.