Transportation of non-standard cargo

Under the carriage of special cargoes usually understand different designs, machinery and equipment, which is not possible to deliver using standard trucks, platforms, trailers, semi-trailers, due to their large mass or dimensions. The problem may be the same, and the impossibility of using the usual routes because of the danger to the road surface and dimensions of the goods.

Non-standard goods include:

Shipping non – standard- heavy or bulky – goods complex task which requires the involvement of considerable technical means, as well as an experienced team of professionals who will develop the route and organize the loading and unloading of cargo, will execute the necessary documents. In addition, according to the legislation of Kazakhstan, the presence of technology does not give the right to engage in the transportation of outsize cargo – you must have a license of the Ministry of transport to carry out activities of this kind.

For the company TransLine transportation of outsized cargoes is the main activity. We have at our disposal not only a specialized fleet for this purpose, but the necessary permissions to carry out this activity. And the specialists have a high experience in the business.

The main difficulty in the implementation of transport outsize cargo – the need of individual approach in each case. Therefore work with each client begins with a consultation and registration of the contract, which sets out in detail the terms and conditionsWii delivery. If necessary, our specialists draw up accompanying documents for the cargo and customs Declaration, if you plan to transport outside of Kazakhstan. According to the contract the goods are to be insurance, which guarantees its safety or the recoverability of damages in cases of force majeure. If necessary, we organize the protection and support of cargo.

The choice of vehicles is carried out depending on the type of cargo, its weight and dimensions. It can be trailers, semi-trailers or low-bed semitrailers of various carrying capacity (from 30 to 120 tons) and the length (from 8 to 27 m).