Transportation of agricultural machinery

Agricultural focus many regions of Kazakhstan makes the service of transportation of agricultural machinery of mass and popular. For the most part transportation of agricultural equipment are seasonal and usually confined to the planting or the harvest. Busy season activity of cargo dictates a difficult working environment, especially in Kazakhstan, where in some regions going two crops.

As agricultural machinery is very diverse and for the most part bulky, its transportation becomes a serious problem. To ensure maximum comfort during transportation some samples of equipment are in need of dismantling. But the opportunity to spend time on the Assembly is not always as a platform for works of this kind. Therefore, the majority of clients wish to have their agricultural machinery was transported in assembled form, with attachments, and it requires a large fleet of specialized nizkotemperaturnyh trucks, lorries and semi-trailers, as well as cranes and forklifts.

TransLine offers a wide range of services on organization of transportation of agricultural machinery in the most remote areas of Kazakhstan. The presence of attachments machinery makes it necessary not only the use of heavy-duty vehicles, but also a thorough preparation for loading and bracing to ensure balancing.

Usually question the transportation of tractors and towed equipment: seeders, mowers, threshers, cultivators, which are not bulky and have a relatively small mass, are solved using standard techniques for transportation – multi-axle trailers and semi-trailers. For transportation of harvesters with complex attachments we apply to specialized trailers of the type "clip" with a cargo platform that allows you to install the equipment at a low altitude.

For large planters, mowingOK and other agricultural machinery are used low loaders with a height of 50-60 cm with arches for the wheels. We often use modular trailers and trailers having folded a length of 8-10 metres and is extendable with the maximum tensile half.

The choice of technology for transportation depends on the particular task and determines the route and dimensions of the transported goods. Specialists of the company TransLine will select the technique that best suits their stated objectives, and will take care of all the problems in registration of accompanying documents, insurance of the cargo and the organisation of support.