Transport of special machinery

The machinery is widely used in agriculture and in the construction and during road works, mining, and utilities. The range is so great that to talk about some common to all its types features hard. Perhaps, unites the machinery one standard in terms of weight and dimensions. Which means that its transportation requires the services of experienced of the freight company, which will handle assigned tasks, whether wheeled or tracked vehicles.

Osobennsoti construction machinery is such that to get her "self-propelled" in many cases not possible, due to size and weight. Especially if the road goes through the city limits. To TMO majority of samples of special vehicles have too high fuel consumption and low speed, making it more economically feasible delivery with the use of low-frame trawls, semi-trailers and other special vehicles.

However, for transport companies, transportation machinery also can become a headache, for the same reasons – its weight and dimensions. Weight limits in force on certain bridges and sections of urban roads will not allow you to move tagaloglang technology. Due to the large dimensions of the movement on some roads, in tunnels and under bridges can also be restricted. To solve the problem can only be experienced logistics specialist.

TransLine offers services for the transportation of construction equipment to individuals and construction, road, municipal or agricultural enterprises. A lot of experience in this field allows us to confidently say about the high quality of services and to give guarantees on any goods that we deliver in Kazakhstan and on the territory of the Customs Union and beyond. The performance of the contract on time and with accurate precision – the credo of our company. To achieve thisth allows the list to provide quality transportation measures:

TransLine provides its customers with a number of safeguards:

Even before signing the contract, you can obtain detailed informationYu on the company's performance from our managers. We also provide consulting support by phone and help our clients in the preparation and execution of all necessary documents.