Transportation of construction machinery

Low speed construction equipment, large size and weight prevents it from being used for independent movement between sites and objects. It is not justified financially, as it requires large expenditures of fuel and can cause damage to the road surface, for example in the case of tracked equipment. Therefore to move it use the low-frame trawls with increased load-carrying capacity.

To facilitate loading and unloading applied loading platform with ramps that allows the technician to independently come to the platform and to move out with her, so shipping is significantly cheaper, since it does not require the use of cranes and lifts. Self loading tracked vehicles on the platform is possible only in those cases when the approach angle does not exceed 15 degrees. For this purpose, powerful two-piece hydraulic folding ramps.

The presence of caterpillars – another problem situation which is inevitable in the transport of construction equipment. The fact that the caterpillars can cause damage to the structure of the loading platform if it is not adapted for this. Therefore, for the transport of tracked excavators and bulldozers using special equipment. One of the most common methods for loading tracked vehicles "on the bottom" - that is, when the excavator or a bulldozer is on a solid Central beam of the loading platform and tracks are located on either side of her. This method of transport allows to significantly reduce the overall height of the entire structure, eliminates the possibility of damage to the elements of the platform by the tracks of machinery, but requires the use of special handling equipment – powerful cranes and/or manipulators.

TransLine arranges for fast and safe transportation of any construction equipment to any destination on the territory of Kazakhstan or beyond. We guarantee the safety and timely delivery of equipment and accept all insurance risks associated with transportation.