Warehouse services


Service of responsible storage of cargoes is a complex of services on storage, various types of storage processing and modern electronic sales (Client – storage and warehousing – Client).

Today is one of the most popular services for commercial and industrial companies willing to abandon their own storage infrastructure and to employ the logistics company c own storage infrastructure, broad transport capabilities of modern information exchange with the client and document management. Quality provision of these services is an important part of 3PL (Third Party Logistics), logistics or a third party (international standard identifies the concept of purchasing of logistics services). This step allows our clients to minimize their costs for transport and warehouse logistics without compromising its quality. While it is not required to maintain and manage your storage space, and there is no need to employ employees for their work.

Due to the well-established process chain at the company's warehouse facilities TransLine, direct interaction with our transport division, and the high speed of processing of cargo flows, we can offer competitive prices, high-quality services for cargo handling.

The capacity of our warehouses also allow us to provide our clients with services such as CROSS DOCKING (fast overload a pallet of heavy vehicles in a large number of cars , light-duty, for distribution in small quantities to end customers), as well as kitting, labeling, packing and repacking of goods.

We can offer heated, modern warehouse space with ample and convenient access roads for all types of trucks.

All areas are equipped with modern ventilation, heating, dust floors, storage pallet floor and shelf, video surveillance on the perimeter and round the clock security.

Where to store your cargo

A stock of category A and B.

Why is it beneficial?

  1. Because it will reduce the cost of your goods – you will save on logistics services purchasing in their entirety. Transportation, storage, distribution, packaging and warehouse operations will cost you in the long run cheaper.
  2. Because it will help to save time. You don't have to deal with the issues of sorting and packaging of the goods, to control the processes of loading and unloading, to form plans and schedules shipments and arrange transportation, custodial services means the services.

How we work

You We >

Production company

(factory, plant,

processing or

service and repair

enterprise, etc.)


Provide a set of

logistics functions on

your choice:

  • storage
  • the supply of raw materials
  • delivery of materials/finished products
  • storing temporarily unused equipment
Online store 

Operator solutions

working with the goods


  • storage of goods in the warehouse
  • reception and processing of orders
  • order picking
  • product packaging
  • delivery
  • returns processing

Trading company –

supplier of products in

retail networks and shops


Provide you

logistic functions


  • acceptance of goods from manufacturers>
  • storage
  • equipment
  • storage of advertising materials
  • shipping to dealers and retail outlets

Trading company

selling products

end users and

having an extensive

geographical network


Provide full



  • receiving goods from suppliers
  • storage
  • equipment
  • shipping and forwarding of goods to the shops

Our advantages

The service includes

And also:

Service nomenclature of responsible storage of goods

TransLine provides a comprehensive service of responsible storage. The specialists of our company will provide the entire supply chain of inventory from one address to another. The core services comprise loading and unloading operations, accounting, and procurement item, the address storage and other warehouse operations.

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