Customs clearance of cargoes

Foreign economic activity (FEA) is one of the most profitable types of business, bringing a decent profit for a long time, and even the entire life. However, this statement is true only in the case if the organization of customs clearance of goods imported by them from abroad, will be dealt with by professionals. Contacting our company guarantees a fast and one hundred percent successful passage of procedure of customs clearance, because we employ only professional specialists of high qualification. We so efficiently provide the services that your cargo is not delayed at customs have a minute to spare!

Our company operates only under national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Customs code of the Customs Union (CU), complying fully with the requirements of normative documents regulating the implementation of foreign trade. The use of modern information technology, including the Internet, reduces costs of carrying out customs clearance of goods for import to the territory of our country, and that is why our company offers the best prices for the provision of brokerage services at customs. Contact us, and you will see what real professionalism in the clearance of goods at the border.

Customs clearance

Self-clearance of imported property by customs, usually associated with time-consuming and non-earmarked expenditure of funds. Providing professional customs clearance services by our company will save you from having to spend time in queues at customs and pay the dishonest employees of the customs bodies enjoying the lack of citizens with special knowledge.

We will accompany your product throughout all stages of the customs clearance until you release it into the customs territory ToKazakhstan. Our specialists will prepare all necessary allowing documents on the right of import this product, will pay the legally required duties, serve and register a customs Declaration. Professional customs clearance of goods will reduce the downtime of your property. Because of this you are bringing the goods faster fall in turnover, and thus you quickly get a profit from their implementation.

Organization of customs clearance when importing cargo via various means of transport

In General, the approaches to the customs clearance of goods imported a variety of vehicles, a single, but there are differences. For example, pursuant to the decisions of the Commission of the Customs Union when importing goods by motor transport, the customs should notify beforehand on the Internet. Thus, the law required the customs clearance of import has its own characteristics depending on mode of transport with which the goods imported on territory of the Customs Union, in particular in the Republic of Kazakhstan. However, the presence of specific features should not ohrenevali you choose the method of property delivery to our country.

Our experts have the required qualifications for registration of goods at customs, regardless of method of entry. Equally fast and successfully we will rustamaji goods imported by road, rail and air transport. Registration of "transport" specifics allows us to guarantee fast and successful customs clearance of goods in Kazakhstan regardless of how you imported it into the country. Your property will pass customs without delay, and you will be able to use it almost immediately after the physical load crossing the border.

Our company provides a full range of services. Your task is only to receipt of the goods and the corresponding documents from our specialist who rastamat your property. More you don't need any distractions from their more important Affairs.

Customs clearance in Kazakhstan: national features

In our work we will certainly take into account peculiarities of national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding implementation of the FEA. Despite the fact that our country is in a Customs Union, the procedure of customs clearance in Kazakhstan is a bit different from developed and practiced customs of the other two participants of the customs Union and Belarus. Our specialists have full knowledge about the nuances of the law and take into account their requirements in the performance of cargo clearance at customs.

We are talking, primarily, about submission of licensing documents for the import of this particular product, the payment of required Kazakh legislation fees and charges. In providing customs brokerage services our experts collect and prepare all the necessary documents. In this case you even may not know about what you need the paper to get at the customs of your goods. Our employee will do everything himself and won't distract you for insignificant reasons. You simply and easily get your cargo from the customs terminal.

Flexible prices – our powerful competitive advantage

To each client we approach individually and offer flexible prices depending on the specific cargo, the financial position of the client company, and other factors. That is why we perform customs clearance in Kazakhstan is very profitable for any firms and individual entrepreneurs working in the field of foreign trade. The main benefit is much greater in comparison with paying of our services – your goods pass the customs clearance without delay and immediately begin working on your prosperity.

Please contact our company. We know all about the clearance of goods at customs. We act only in the interests of the client and guarantee the absence of problems with the release your shipment from customs. Performing customs clearance of goods to its customers, our specialists in the framework of the national laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international agreements of our country.

We will help to bring your foreign trade activities at peak profitability!

The cost of customs clearance

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