Rates for warehouse services

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Name of serviceUnit servicesThe value of the tenge.
Storage of goods in the warehousem2/day (Pallet dimensions do not exceed 1200*800*1500 l*W*h)110
Storage of goods in stock (oversize)m2/day (Pallet dimensions exceed 1200*800*1500 l*W*h)110
Unloading/loading of mechanizedPallet (dimensions do not exceed 1200*800*1500 l*W*h)1120
Unloading/loading manualEd. up to 10 kg.70
Unloading/loading manualEd. up to 25 kg.90
Unloading/loading of large cargoesm3.900
Spot-checking by opening the factory packaging free
Packing by applying self-adhesive film (tape) Ed.(box)
Packaging with stretch film for shipmentEd. (Dimensions do not exceed 1200*800*1500 l*W*h)250
Selling palletPCs2000
Temporary use of pallets in storage free
Registration documentation and TTNOne full set (Torg-12, TTN, TN, account, C/f, certificate, certificate of quality)1500
Not a complete setBy appointment
The entrance and Parking of cars on siteNo more than 6 hoursfree
Product optionsBox40/80
Piece picking small goods15

To order the storage and transportation of goods, to check and ask any questions you may have - please contact us to our Manager or leave online application on the site, You must contact.

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