Rail transportation

Rail transportation allows to organize transportation of goods by rail in Kazakhstan or beyond. This is one of the most versatile and inexpensive types of transport, providing high reliability and safety, especially during transportation over long distances. Due to the large capacity and volume of cars and the variety of platforms used for transportation on railway tracks, can carry loads of any type, including oversized and other equipment.

Great experience company TransLine allows you to organize the delivery in the shortest possible time, thanks to well-developed logistics service. We can also arrange groupage (multimodal) cargo, using transport which delivers the goods at the railway station, if the customer has no possibility to solve this problem yourself, and connecting a sea or river transport in the presence of water obstacles.

types of railway transport

Rail transportation

For delivery of goods by rail, we use the container type wagons, silos, tanks and loading docks. The first are used to deliver the greater part of the goods-zaplaceni in the package and without, large and composite. Depending on the volume of cargo and its type, we select containers of different sizes-3 or 5-ton. For the transport of perishable foodstuffs are also used refrigerated and insulated cars. Hoppers are used to transport bulk cargo in tanks of liquid cargo. The platform is organized primarily for the carriage of equipment: agricultural, military, road, utility, and transport of any other species. Design of freight platforms requires fixtures to hold the cargo in transit and protect it from external conditions with the use of canopies and lids.

Services by arranging railway transport company TransLine include:

in the list of additional services paid for separately, included:

To order a rail transport company TransLine is quite simple, just call on our phones, personally visit our office in Astana / Almaty or apply with reverse coordinates on the website.

The price of rail transportation

the cost of services for cargo delivery by railway transport is calculated individually for each specific case and client. It depends on many factors such as distance, direction, type, volume and weight, the presence of specially equipped loading and unloading platforms, the need for additional services, etc. Usually, the tariffs for rail transportation consist of the following basic formulations: